Generating Id card in RE framework

While running the process names are not changing from I’d cards all data are changing in cards but name is repeating

  1. Check the data source: Make sure that the data source you’re using in the REFramework is providing unique names for each iteration. Verify the data source or input file to ensure that it contains distinct names for each ID card.
  2. Update the Process Transaction state: In the Process Transaction state of the REFramework, ensure that you are correctly retrieving the name from the data source for each transaction. Verify that the variable or field used to store the name is being updated with the correct value for each transaction.
  3. Review the Process.xaml workflow: Within the Process.xaml workflow, check the activities and variables related to retrieving and storing the name. Ensure that the name variable is correctly assigned with the updated value from the data source.
  4. Confirm the data is passed to other workflows: If you are passing the name variable to other workflows or activities, verify that it is correctly passed and used throughout the automation process. Ensure that any modifications or updates to the name variable are properly propagated to subsequent workflows or activities.
  5. Debug and log the variables: Insert log messages or use breakpoints to debug the value of the name variable at various stages of the workflow. This will help you identify where the repetition occurs and if the variable is correctly updated.

Okay ! At the first run 6 process execution correct now I’m running again only three process has done and still bot is running how

If you are getting data from Queue, its retrying due to an error.

So what to do now

@suraj_gaikwad figure out by running in debug mode and solve the error

Hi @suraj_gaikwad

Ensure that the source from which you are reading the names is correct. Check the data table or variable that holds the names and make sure it is populated with the expected values. You can use debugging features in UiPath Studio to inspect the values of variables at runtime.