RPA developer advanced Exam

I have a small query regarding the RPA advance exam.
Is it compulsory to complete all the modules given in the UiPath RPA advance certification training?
Asking this question because the practice assignment for the ReFramework module is been stuck for me for a month as I am facing issues when uploading my second assignment Generate Yearly report project. The issue is when I upload my assignment the points are not shown even after waiting for an hour. And without giving the points the upload button is enabled and asking me to resubmit the assignment and when I again upload my project, that’s when I get the result for the previously uploaded task.
Tried creating a ticket in Uipath but no response yet.

Thanks in advance


It’s not required to attend the UiARD Exam, but it is recommended to complete because you will get good practical exposure.

And UiARD exam will tests your Practical abilities more, I don’t mean you need to submit assignment in the UiARD exam, but you will get more prepared for the UiARD and this assignment will helps

Hope this helps you


Hi @Srini84 ,
Thank you so much for clarifying. Also, Is it enough to give the practical exam provided in the training to pass the UiARD exam, or do we need to refer to any other materials as well?



You can look docs.uipath.com which will have a detailed information of each and every activity and properties of the activities etc.,

And always practice is a good way, All the best for your exam



can you check if in your acme test you have been complete the exercise? to go acme->user options->check trainings

if your yearly report assigment is 100 you can apeal in the ticker, else you need to check your automation