RPA Advanced Exam

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Recently, I have been preparing for the RPA Advanced Developer Exam, and I had a few questions.

Considering I have taken all the recommended training, what are some other avenues I can take to further prepare myself to pass the exam? I would preferably like to hear feedback from someone who has taken AND passed the exam recently, what they did to prepare themselves, and how their experience was.

I appreciate any and all responses/discussions! :slight_smile:

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  • Kieran

I know that there will be 2 certification sessions, namely theory and practice.
In preparing myself, in my opinion, what needs to be prepared in practice is the framework

Hi @kcross and @Mulya_Habibi_Tullah,

The current exam no longer has 2 parts, it only has 1 session and it is all question based. To better prepare for the UiPath Advanced Exam, we recommend the following:

  1. Thoroughly review the exam description to understand the topics that are covered on the exam.
  2. Go to UiPath Academy and enroll in these courses:
    o RPA Starter course
    o RPA Developer Foundation Learning Plan
    o RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan
    o Introduction to Logging course
    o Invoke Method and Invoke Code course
    o Automation Version Control Systems course
  3. Download UiPath for community, work with UiPath Studio and UiPath Orchestrator, and practice building workflows using the REFramework extensively.
  4. It’s important to understand the REFramework in depth, not only to orient yourself in it, but to also understand why each part of the REFramework was used.
  5. If you are already familiar with the REFramework, focus your study time on reviewing the flow of the framework, and how it integrates with UiPath Orchestrator.
  6. For more practice:
    o go to http://www.rpachallenge.com/
    o try other work items from ACME System 1 - Log In
    o find solid projects inside your company/work that might need automation and build your experience
  7. Before the exam day, review all the content that you’ve learned. Look at different chapters on UiPath Academy as well as code examples. Ideally, don’t leave out reviewing any sections.
  8. Another helpful resource might be the UiPath Forum. It’s a nice place to get help and collaborate with other learners.

*Note: 6 months experience as an RPA Developer, working on low-medium level projects, extensive hands-on experience, technically proficient and possess the knowledge/skills to work independently.

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