RPA Data scrapping

NEWSBOT 1.xaml (27.5 KB)

We tried to make data scrapping from a particular website with the specific field, but it is not working correctly.
kindly analyse the attached workflow and help us in correcting it.

what website are you trying to scrape data from?


i guess @lakshman has been helping you out with the other parts of this news bot, so i guess he will have a better understanding of whats going on here.

Also the earlier posts that @lakshman helped you out with, you should mark them as solved :slight_smile:

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Hi Harsha,

I reviewed your code and noticed that you have provided selector (Sel3) value for open Browser inside Attach browser window. Here you have to provide the URL of site from where you wish to extract the Data.
Sel3 can be pass as selector of Attach Browser(which contains Data Scraping)

Note: Open Browser Activity does not have selector, but Attach browser does.
Also do not call Open Browser Activity inside Attach browser activity window.

Hope this resolve your issue.

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