Lesson 4 Practice 2 Help


I’m working on Lesson 4 Practice 2 in the RPA Developer Level 1 Academy course and I’ve completed the assignment so the web scrapping works when I type “new york” for the city value to get the temperature, but if I type any other city in any other city the web scrapping doesn’t work .

I’d refer to the assignment solution but that solution only opens my browser and doesn’t seem to do anything after that.

Please let me know if I’m missing something.


Could you please share your workflow so that I can look into what possibly you could have missed?
I’m sure this is a selector problem!
P.s try to use * in attach browser’s selector!

Niket Ghai

As a new user I can’t upload the workflow but I can show you what I have in my selectors.

For the attach browser’s selector I have:

and for the get visible text’s selector I have:

For the method you mentioned @ Niket_Ghai, where should I put the * in the attach browser’s selector?


After changing get visible text selector to:

  • <webctrl aaname=’*’ parentid=‘b_results’ tag=‘DIV’ />

I realized in the last post that the previous get visible text selector so this is what it was:

  • <webctrl aaname=‘77’ parentid=‘b_results’ tag=‘DIV’ />

I’m now able to get the correct information after changing the city input value, but now it gives me more than just the the temperature, as shown below. Is there a way to specify just the current temperature?


I really appreciate the help.

<html app='chrome.exe' title='weather in * - Google Search' />

Use this selector as your attach window selector!

Sorry this didn’t work for me. I think it’s because I’m using Internet Explorer.

What would be the html “app” if we were using Internet Explorer?

What did you use for your selector in the “Get Full Text”?

Thanks for the help.

@Javarrus_Mickle try it once app = ‘iexplorer.exe’

After playing with the selectors a little more with help from @Niket_Ghai and @indra I was able to figure it out.

I had to change the “Browser” selector to:
<html title=‘weather in * - Bing’ />

And the “get visible” selector to:
<html title=‘weather in * - Bing’ />
<webctrl aaname=’*’ parentid=‘b_results’ tag=‘DIV’ class=‘wtr_currTemp b_focusTextLarge’ isleaf=‘1’ parentclass=‘wtr_condiTemp’ />
(I probably didn’t have to specify all those selector requirements, but it worked consistently after making the changes)

Thanks everyone!

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Great! Cheers :smiley: