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I am totally new to this RPA and just started to self-learn from Youtube 2 days ago and I have little programming background. I am currently doing a project to extract the data from particular website. However, I am stuck at page 2. I have been reading some of the solutions and I don’t really get it. Below are some of the screenshots and I’ll hope someone will be kind enough to explain my error? I am not sure what I’ve done wrongly. I believe its due to the indicator “Next_2” because it’s not universal? Looking forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Source webpage have multiple pages I needed to extract from:

I am guessing because the “Next” button have a name tagging to the page number?


Sequence.xaml (8.6 KB)
Hope the attached Xaml help you. You can use Data Scraping

Hi @archanapandit, thanks for answering my queries, imma going to try that out now :slight_smile:


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