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Hi guys. I’ve got into a little problem. I’ve created a data scrapping bot. He mainly goes to excel, takes a code from A1 collum, goes to a certain website, takes the info and pastes it next to the taken code in excel, and does this with 50k plus codes. But not all the codes have info to scrape in that web, so my scrapper crashes. Can you please give me some advice on how to overcome this problem?

Hi ,
You can give the datascraping activity inside a try catch and if an exception happen you will have the control in catch block and can make it to skip next actions and take the next code from excel

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Hi Sam, thanks for your time. Will it work with “Extract Table Data”? And if so, can you give me an example of how it should look like? Thanks!

Handler Veikiantis.xaml (20.6 KB)
I’m sorry, I miss understood. It crashes not when it tries to copy info, thats not there, but it is set to click on a url when he enters the code. I’ve uploaded my job so far.
And another problem that I cant solve is that he extracts data to B2 collum only. How can I make it vibrant, that one code data is in B2, next in B3 and ect…

Hi… @Povilas_Jonikas

Use the do while loop and dynamically change the cell address in write cell
Give the default Number variable as 2
assign Number = Number+1

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas ,

You can enclose the click activity inside try catch and if the activity is faulted you can set a boolean variable as true and then using if activity you can skip the next steps.

You can use append range activity if you want to append the next datascrapped results at the end of current data values

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I’m sorry, but still I cant manage to do it. Can you please give me some examples? I put the click activity insade “try catch” but then the next part gets tricky to me

I’ve put the click activity in try catch. In the “try” area i’ve inserted the click, in “finaly” area i’ve inserted if, but then there are some questions. What needs to be in the “Condition” and “Then” and “else” parts?

It’s not mandatory to use finally block.
You can set a boolean variable to true in the catch block
And after the try catch
Give an if activity and check the boolean variable is true if it’s true then in else block add all the activities that to be done in case there is no error
You can keep the then block empty if you don’t have to do anything in case of error

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Handler Veikiantis 2 naujas.xaml (24.9 KB)

So far i’ve gotten this far. But it still isn’t working. I don’t really get to understand, how to use the “try catch” activity. I get an error that says “Error ERROR Validation Error Catch or Finally expected for TryCatch activity ‘Try Catch’. Handler Veikiantis 2 naujas.xaml” And another thing is with the boolean variables. Where and what do I need to insert?

Thanks a lot for your time and help

Handler Veikiantis 2 naujas.xaml (27.1 KB)
Please check the attached code

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Thanks a lot bro! Now i’ll know myself. Ur the best! Thank you for your time!

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