Type Into with dynamic anchor problem


I have i’m doing the RPA Challenge, the first level and i can’t follow the step where we use Type into to extract the anchor, perhaps due to the different version but i tried to select the anchor, the check buttons are not the same but i discovered a youtube video where the steps are similar.

In any case the automation for the fields is not happening since the anchor is not found i assume or i’m doing something else wrong. It types the values form the Excel in the same place so fails the challenge. I will upload a small recording so perhaps it will be faster with what i m doing wrong. https://youtu.be/cpGDurcaMUY

Hi @AlexandruI

Check out the below zip file. This will help you understand about the RPA Challenge steps and about dynamic selectors in TypeInto.

RPA Challenge.zip (174.3 KB)

Check out this youtube video too.

Hope it helps!!