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Hi All,

Facing timeout error while running this flow.
Basically it is searching for more columns than it is reading from the excel.
Can someone have look at this? (33.1 KB)

why you have used another foreach row?

@Shruti_Rastogi Your excel contains empty columns, Please remove those columns and workflow will work correctly.

RPA (34.9 KB) @Shruti_Rastogi,

I have attached ZIP folder of RPA challenge.

not working

your workflow is not working

This is because we are selecting the column value for each row dynamically, otherwise we need anchor base for each of the column which is required to be selected.

@Shruti_Rastogi I have removed the empty columns from your excel, it worked fine.

Please replace your current excel with below excel and check.

challenge.xlsx (30.9 KB)

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What error you are facing in my workflow.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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@Shruti_Rastogi Your welcome :slight_smile:

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