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Hi! I’m trying to run the RPA challenge on UiPath and I can’t get the phone numbers from my excel sheet to input into the website. I keep getting an error message that it can’t convert to String. I have tried changing the variable type and I still cant seem to get it to run. Any ideas??

Hi @Katherine_Ward

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Can you please share the screenshot of the error message and if possible of the workflow also.

This is what the error message looks like.

Check this xaml file

phone number.xaml (8.7 KB)

Still pretty confused…Any other ideas?

Could you please show the full expression in your activity and when the error occurs. Should not be an issue to change double to string…

Also, instead of using “Get Row Item” Activity you could use “Read Range” to read source table and then use a “For each Row”-Loop where you assign / type row(“Phone Number”).ToString .

Otherwise please share more details :wink:

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Automation 2_RPA Challenge Handout.pdf (1.9 MB)
This is the handout I used. I walked through all the steps so my work flow looks the same. If this still does not help I can take picture of my workflow.

Please send pictures

Hi @Katherine_Ward
can u show thw variable type of PhoneNumber?

Can u change the PhoneNumber variable to Double instead of String?

Following Options:

  • Try checking “PreserveFormat” Property in the read range activity
  • If not working you can change the variable type of PhoneNumber to Generic Value (or double as mentioned by @NIVED_NAMBIAR ) :wink:

This is the new error I’m getting. This is after I checked the “PreserveFormat” property in the read range activity.

I get the error “option strict on disallows implicit conversions from ‘Double to String’.”

Hi @Katherine_Ward instead of row(PhoneNumber) use PhoneNumber.ToString in Type into

That fixed it. Thank you so much!!!

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The screenshots are quite not much clear.
any way u can try this
Use an assign activity
declare the variable -Ph_no in variables panel

Hi @Katherine_Ward
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