Regarding converting string variables to double


It seems that i am stuck in UIPath Demo in Level 3 trining and this scenario and am unable to convert string to double.
I tried using assign activity with tryParse, convert function. These don’t seem to work.
I’m trying to use invoke method, I have sight confusion for target object as to what exactly to put there.
Kindly clarify.
Thank you.


Try this one.

double_variable = convert.ToDouble(string_variable)

If it doesnt work then share your string value here


Thank you for the quick reply. My string variable is a1 with value “1000” and I’ve created a system.double variable a11.

Getting an error.

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Description automatically generated">

Thank you

You are trying to write a double value into the Log Message activity. The input for log message activity can only be of datatype String. Try writing a11.ToString

Hello Madhavi,
Thanks for that information. But my intention is to convert from string to double. I wouldn’t mind using a message box or anything else. I wanted to convert to double.
Could You suggest for this.


Try Convert.ToDouble(a11.ToString)

It still shows the same error.

Can you please share your workflow and required input data?