RPA adanced and other courses not listed in accedemy

hi after jan 1st 2019 this is the first time am trying to access ui path academy. i was doing RPA advanced training which was offered as free till December 30 , but due to work commitments i left out. after hearing the free certification is extended up to march 31st i thought of logging in again and check and complete the training. to my surprise am not able to access or even see anything in my academy login. previously when i use to log in i see a lot of things . like the completed courses in past and in progress courses etc, kindly help me what is the issue

Hi @karges

What exactly you can’t see in the academy?
also the advanced certification is in the following website not the academy


there are various courses provided by ui path from ui path beginer to sap , orchestrator etc for free, in the same way in accedemy they had a training for ui path advanced certification. normally when you log in to ui path accedemy it will show all your past completed courses and inprogress courses etc. but now am not able to see anything !!!

hi @karges

you still facing issues regarding this?

really sorry it wassovled. i thnk the website was down for some time

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