Unattened Robot to Attended Robot conversion not working in Community edition

Hi All,

We have configured a robot as Unattened robot on our Community Orchestrator instance.
But later we realized that we need attended as Unattened is not a solution.

So we deleted all the configuration in orchestrator for Unattened Robot.
Deleted the Robot, machine, Environment, process everything.

Then we added everything fresh as Attended robot on the same machine.

Every configuration is correct, we can see the robot, machine, environment and process everything in green.
Even on the machine the robot is showing Connected, Licensed.

The main issue, is when we run this process from Orchestrator, the process is selected and after process selection, its not showing any robot in the list where we can run the process.
If we select Allocate Dynamically, even after that the process shows Pending Allocation in the jobs page for that execution.

Note:If we run the process from Attended robot tray in the machine its running fine and showing it was started by Agent and does the intended work.

Any sugessations to make this work are highly appreciated.
We can uninstall the robot from the machine and do it again if that solution works (We will try later) as well as any other ideas are also welcome if we can avoid reinstalling of the Robot from the machine.

Anil Kumar

Hi Anil,

The behavior you described is by design.

Attended Robot, as the name suggests, it supposed to be “helping” a human. So this is why you cannot start jobs from Orchestrator on an Attended Robot.
You don’t have to delete the Robot from Orchestrator, just edit it and change the type to Unattended and you’ll see that the Robot will show in the list.
Docs here: Robots

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Hi @ovi,

thanks a lot for your clarification, So if i need to run the code from Orchestrator and want to execute this in a machine, I should configure that robot as Studio license.

My problem is I want to test the code and want to pass a paremeter to the robot while at runtime.
So if its an Attended Robot, I need to either have a config file or something else to read and then execute the Attended robot with that parameter.

So to test this scenario, better to configure the robot as Studio license and trigger the code from orchestrator with parameters to this process.

Once working successfully, just move it to unattended robot.

hope this is the correct workaround to the situation.


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For testing purposes we have the Non-Production Robot. But for now Studio will also work in your case.

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Thanks a lot for confirmation,
I guess If i will configure the Robot as Non-Production it will still need machine username and password to be configured at the orchestrator when configuring the machine.

Thanks a lot for the document and clarifications, Will definitely go through the document and i m happy i learned a very big lesson today.


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