Robots not licensed

Hello guys! I’m trying to license a robot.
There are licenses available on my server (orchestrator), however when connecting the robot to the orchestrator the message “Unlicensed” is displayed on the robot.

Can you help me?

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Hi @snLeonardo,
which version of orchestrator and bot you are using?

Also make sure you are using the correct username while provisioning the robot in the orchestrator.

you can find the correct username by typing whoami in command prompt

hi @snLeonardo welcome to the UIPATH Community
please check you have already running bots and utilize your no of bots
if yes ,
you cannot connect another bot concurrently
eg : if you have 5 bot license
and you try to connect 6th robot while other 5 robots are connected , your license show as unlicensed

Thanks lot @shankm! Your tip solved my problem!

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