Robot usage in optimize way

Hi All,

In my organization, we have recently started UiPath Automation. So I wanted to understand how to use robots in optimize way.
Are there any instructions or suggestion that UiPath provides to utilize the robot for multiple process. Like based on application used in processes or based on running time / work load we should assign processes to robots or anything else which will optimize the robot usage.
Any suggestion would help.


Hi @shubham

Welcome to the UiPath Community (and UiPath world in general)!

First, off the bat, I would recommend completing the training on UiPath Academy. There are general RPA awareness courses as well as specific ones that address role-based content, such as Business Analysts, Technical Architects and of course, RPA Developers.
This content covers a lot of beginner questions and conundrums you or your team will face and having the knowledge from training will make the initial process much simpler for you!

Wishing you all the best in your RPA Journey.


Actually I have completed my RPA developers training and business analyst course. Also completed orchestrator course. But not able to get how to use orchestrator robots in more optimize way. What are the factor which need to be considered while assigning process to robots.
Can you please help with the deciding factors for robot optimization?


Hi @shubham

Depending upon the Multiple processes deciding factors will change as well.
Check this post,


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