Management of Robot in Orchestrator

Hello there,

my question is whether there is a rough guideline for the management of a robot. If so, where is it to be found.

If there isn’t one, what is the best way to fully utilize a robot?

And I did not quite understand how the “allocate dynamicaly” with multiple processes works then. Which process is started first?


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Hi @Tolga_Camlice
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How about the below

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Thank you, i will look if it hepls me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. But it isn’t really what i have searched.
maybe what i search didn’t realy exist.
I will explain it this way.
When I have one robot, and for example 3 Processes the robot should do every day, 1 Process he does weekly and 1 process he should do monthly. How is the best way to manage the robot that no process get stopped from another.

I hope i explained it well to you.