Relation between Robots and Designed Processes

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Could any one describe the relation between designed processes and robots ,for example could I relate more than process to one robot or more than robot to one process through the orchestrator?


yes you can run any process on any robot.

It is all specified by environment and enabling the robots to have access to that particular process.

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Thats a good question to start with
–Process is something we design in the studio and robot is a application that runs that process
–usually once a process is developed it will be published to a orchestrator
–where we can create a robot, assign that robot to our machine, and we can make that robot to run our published process

–in such cases one robot can take any number of processes, and if many process are given at a time, it will execute them one by one in sequnce.

–similarly any robot can take any process, many robots can run a single process at a time

for more details on how to create a robot, how to assign a robot to a machine and how to run a process in orchestrator

Simple isn’t it
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Thanks a lot , could you illustrate more about machine concept as I feel little bit confused ,regarding what is machines means in RPA ?

Your system is your machine
Sounds Robotic now right
Yes that’s the reality
—your system or any system where the process is going to be ran with our robot from orchestrator is called as MACHINE

Usually we create a machine in orchestrator with the same name of machine in our system
— then how to find the machine name in our system
Go to start ->search as Robot -> click
There click on the wheel symbol (settings) there we can find our machine details like machine name
— we need to enter that name in orchestrator while creating machine under machine tab
— once after creating the machine we need to assign that machine to a robot while we create a robot
—while that robot will be already connected to a environment
— so when we create a process we usually tag that process to a environment and when we are trying to execute that process we will be selecting the robots under that environment
— so when a robot is selected the process will get executed in the machine to which that robot is tagged

One more thing is there are two types of machine standard and Machine template
To know more about them kindly have a look on this thread

Hope this would help you
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