Run multiple processes using one Robot

Hi Can anyone suggest me how to run multiple process using one Robot

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If you want to use the user interface it’s impossible. now if the process involves task that can be automated simultaneously, you can use a parallel activity.



I want to run Parallel / Simultaneously multiple automated process using one Robot . Is it possible ? If Yes …How ??


Yeah I’m also have the same question anybody knows please give solution…


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Hi @TharmaKS

You cannot run two processes on the same Robot in the same time(an error stating “Robot already running for user MYUSER” will occur).
As @beesheep previously mentioned, you can try using the Parallel activity.



I have another question,can we run multiple bots for the same process to reduce the time?


Sure you can. If you have multiple robots on different machines, you can run the same process on all of them. If your robots are unattended and connected to Orchestrator, you can Start/Schedule a Job on all of your robots in the same time - this is the easiest way. If you have attended robots(connected or not to Orchestrator) you will need to go and run the process manually on each machine.


Thanks for your response,Yeah,I understood but take an example we want to run one process using one bot actually it will take 10min to complete,if i use two bot means it will take 5 min.How to divide the process between two bots and mainly that process sequencial flow.
From your answer we can schedule but at a time only one bot will process the flow after other bot will contibnue its little bit confusing.Please give the explanation with simple example.



If I have two processes which require activation manually, and these two processes is being run at the same time. Would I need to buy two robots then?

Another example would be:
I use a robot to monitor a mailbox 12 hours a day. Then I want to use one robot to work on some Excel-document once a month. How would I solve this with one robot? Would it be possible.

Hi Smith93,

Do you mean you have to run them manually?

Yes, because you cannot run two processes on the same Robot in the same time.

You could do the Excel work in the other 12 hours when the Robot is not monitoring the mailbox.


Yes, I have to run them manually. The process require the input of a file that I do not know when will be ready.

Do you recommend to publish the project as a package, when I want to run it manually? This one?

And is this easy to use for someone that have no knowledge of UIPath/RPA. I want someone to run it whenever the file is ready.

Yes, you can publish as a package and run from Robot tray.

Yes, even if someone doesn’t have RPA knowledge, they can run a process.

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if it my Robot is in “Dev” means what is the situation for these scenario @ovi

I don’t understand but i can think of two possible scenarios:

  • your Robot is in “Dev” environment type - in this situation the Environment type doesn’t matter, it’s only for you to manage your Environments - only the Robot type matters, which leads to the second situaton:
  • your Robot is of Development type - in this situation you can Start/Schedule a Job from Orchestrator. The Development Robots are the ones on the machine where Studio is installed and they are not meant to run in production. But they work as the unattended type.
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@smith93 as a deep user in projects of UIPath… you probably dont need any manual activation. However, the way to solve the problem it depends on two main points. You have something similar to a schedule to know when the file will be ready¿? and its urgent?

In the case its not urgent. just start a job every day to do the job in each file in the folder.
In the case its urgent but you know that it will appear between 9 and 13.00 you can schedule with cron expressions to start a job every 10 minutes to check if exist and if thats true you run the process.
In the case its urgent but you didnt know when the file appears and its only one file a day… in my opinion thats not a process to be automated :slight_smile:
As a best practice you should not automate anything that didn’t reach at least 0,5 FTE. In my opinion 1,5 FTE projects should be evaluated to be automated but… its just a recommendation.

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Hello @ovi,

I have one query,

I am using an attended bot and lets say its execution time is some 14 mins, so by the time the bot will run, a user cannot do anything on machine(for some 14mins) inspite of waiting for bot to stop, as it can interrupt the bot execution.

Please let me know am i correct or not?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ronak_94

Being able to do other things on the machine where the Robot is running depends on what you are automating. For example, for web automation, you can use Hidden option in Open Browser (so the browser won’t be visible) and Symulate click/type option of Click/Type activities. Another example would be this Forum. I am using an Attended Robot to help me with the Academy groups and I can work while the Robot is running because I am doing this via API - so no uiautomation involved, everything happens in the background.

I hope this answers your query,



Thank you so much… @ovi

Hi @ovi ! We have installed an attended mode robot for one of our processes. Can I run multiple processes, with different flows in queue with the same bot? I do not want to run different processes together at the same time, but can the job run as per FIFO?