Robot Streaming

We are running UiPathTeam.StreamRobotScreen.exe on Win 10 VM in Azure. Streaming was available from all our Azure VM initially but over past few weeks it is not always visible.


The browser appears to connect because it does not show errors like ‘Site cannot be reached’ or IP refused to connect. But the browser only shows a white page on 3 of our Robot machines and works fine on the others. I cannot identify any differences in settings or network config.

Anyone know how to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you.

Hey @glenn.robinson

When the robot doesn’t run, you are not getting white screen but a page not found error is that correct ?

Just thinking is it due to some network lag !


Hello @glenn.robinson

Are you facing this issue sometimes or always it’s showing blank page??

Did you tried disconnecting and reconnecting again?

That is correct.

Once a machine quits displaying the streaming, it never shows it again. Permanently stopped streaming from that machine. Each machine stopped a week or more apart.