UiPath Robot Connection Lost while connected in VPN


I just updated my UiPath Studio to 2018.2.3 today and now my UiPath Robot is not connected.

I had no issue before with community edition even if I’m connected to a VPN.

I am not sure why my proxy in IE is not working with UiPath version 2018.2.3

Please help!UiRobot

Hi, Please check if Uipath Robot service and Update Orchestrator Service are running on your system or not.
You can check them in Local Services window.

Hope it helps.

I can connect to my robot and orchestrator if I am not connected to a VPN. the issue starts when I am connected to a VPN it seems the proxy is not working.

It used to be okay before with community edition but when I install the enterprise edition the problem starts.


Please check the link below.

Hope it helps.

already did this still i cannot connect to the UiRobot…


News? Even when configuring the proxy the problem of task cancelled continue!!