UiPath Demo Dilemma

Morning All

Here is my dilemma:

We have built a demo automation between uipath and another piece of software.

We want the robot to run on a Azure VM.

When the other piece of software (opos) uses a json output to orchestrator to create a job that starts the process for a robot on the vm.

The robot starts but… kicks you out of the remote desktop connection meaning you are unable to view it working its magic.
This is as far as I can see expected behaviour and have tried changing this setting on the robot which was suggested by UiPath themselves

Now I had maybe call it a brainwave… maybe not. I installed some streaming software on the vm and had the robot start a live stream as part of the process only I have no display output on the stream but I know its Live.

I need to be able to see the robot doing its magic on the vm is the long and short of the story.