Robot Status unlicensed

I have been through every thread related to robot status unlicensed and still cannot connect my first robot to Orchestrator. I have double checked all the points raised in the threads:

  • Machine, Robot and Environment all setup with a robot assigned to the Environment
  • Orchestrator url is the UiPath now required
  • Machine key is copied and pasted via the clipboard as specified for the robot settings
  • domain\user is my whoami domain\user
  • password is my domain\user password

There appears to be an attempt to connect and the Connect button changes to Disconnect which one assumes means it thinks it has connected, but the Status changes from Offline to Unlicensed and the robot shows as disconnected in the Robots panel. I think the problem diagnosis shoule be easy if you can examine the connection logs, but I don’t know how to do this.

Unfortunately, the learning path cannot progress until this is resolved.

All help gratefully received!

Do you have some kind of firewall blocking things maybe?

May I know what type of ROBOT was chosen while creating robot in orchestrator
Cheers @chris-btp

Many thanks for your help. It’s good news, bad news! The good news is in the past minute or two and after trying many different things, I now appear to have connected a robot. The bad news is I don’t know why it worked this time!

In any case thank you for trying to help. If I work out what the issue was I will post it.

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