Getting error in Robot as 'Status: Unlicensed'

Issue: Unable to connect Robot with orchestrator as status in Robot is unlicesed
I am trying to configure the orchestartor in my local machine.
I have created the machine, then created the robot.
I took the auto generated machine key viewing the created machine.
Then I opened Ui Robot to connect with the orchestartor.

1- Below are the field values given in Ui Robot:-

Machine name: Auto Populate
Orchestrator URL :
Machine Key: From Machine tab
Level : Information

2- Created Machine successfully.

3- Created Robot with below points:
a. Machine name was autopopulating as the machine was already created.
b. Type : Development.
c. Domain\Username : Got it by running the command ‘Whoami’ in Command
d. Password: my system password.

Have you created a environment and assigned the robot to that @Abhilash_6057?

Yes Hareesh, I have created a environement.
But i didnot find an option to assign the environment to the robot.

In the environments tab, click on the manage option which you will get while clicking on the three dots on the right. Then select the robot and then update @Abhilash_6057

Actually the machine name should be same in both robot tray and Irchestrator Machine .
After doing the above step the status in robot tray is now ‘Connected: licensed’.
Then I could able to assign the environment to created robot.
Thanks for your timely help

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