Problems running process from Orchestrator online (ServicePointManager)

I’m trying to run a process from Orchestrator online( but when I execute it, an error appears.
Says that: “The ServicePointManager does not support proxies of https scheme.”

Anybody know about?

Hi @JManN

Did you happen to connect the Robot to the Orchestrator via proxy configuration in the UiRobot.exe.config?

Yes, I did, but without results. TT

Hi I am Diego Turati and I had the same problem. It’s sad, but UI Path is not ready to work with proxy authentication providing an User Name and Password, exactly as you do when you creat an HTTP Web Request using proxy for example.
In order to fix that problem you need to establish a VPN or include in your firewall rule in order to do not require proxy authentication for this url and make this site visible inside your network.

Hope I could help you with.

~Diego Turati

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