Robot option missing in orchestrator


I’m all new to UiPath, currently testing a trial version. So my question hopefully has a super obvious solution, hope you will help me find it.

I’m currently following a tutorial explaining: How to Connect UiPath Studio with Orchestrator and Connect unattended robot with your local machine. It seems simple enough it’s just I don’t have the same options as in the video. For some reason the menues for robots and environments are not showing in my Orchestrator. Any suggestions to what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you

have a look here for some starter help on doing it within modern folder context:

It might be that you’re watching an older video, a lot has changed in the Orchestrator over the years. I recommend following the latest courses on the UiPath Academy first to get a good grip on the current structure.

From your screenshot I can see you’re currently looking at a specific folder (‘Default’), while the robot page is located in the main tenant view. To see it, click on ‘Tenant’ at the top left.