Unable To Create and connect Robot in Orchestrator

Hi All,

I have just signed up to platform.uipath.com with Gmail. (Community Orchestrator)

Automatically created DefaultTenant

Under DefaultTenant there are only two folders named My Workspace and Shared

None of the folders having the option for Creating Robot. (Someone please help me regarding this how we can create a Robot)

The Default folder is also missing.

The Robots page under Tenant saying that “No robots are currently defined. To manually create and manage robots go to the robots page under a classic folder, in the Management section of the sidebar. Automatically managed robots for modern folders will appear in this page once users who have execute permissions connect their robot clients to Orchestrator.”

Not really understand to create and manage robots go to Robots Page (Where else another Robot page we need to find)
Classic Folder (How to navigate this classic folder).

Can someone please help with the steps to create and connect the Robots?

Much appreciated your kind help in advance.


have a look here:

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Thank you @ppr

Now I am getting this error while Sign in to get started.

I want to install UiPath Studio but I am failing at using the service URL.

Which throwing an exception Authentication Failed, see inner exception.

Would you please help me with that error?


I also found the same issue. You can watch this video to clear your concepts. UiPath Orchestrator New User Interface(2020 Update) - YouTube

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