Robot not in the list to start a job

Hi everyone,

I try to start a process thanks to the Orchestrator. My robot is available, I think I create everything regarding tutorials but I still can not find my robot in the list of robot to start the job.

Can someone help me ?

Thanks a lot

Not sure, but need to another robot with type attended or unattended robot and try.


@Pierre_PARIS You need to have an Unattended Type of Robot assigned. You can create a new Unattended Robot or Change the Type of the Existing one.


I got this :
No available licenses: the number of new machine slots would exceed the total license count. (#1916)

I have the same problem.
I tried to use another computer but the same thing happens.
So it seems to be the Orchestrator’s mistake.

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Any ideas ? @supermanPunch

@Pierre_PARIS I think you need to re - allocate your licenses in the Orchestrator Service, since there are certain number of licenses assigned to each service created. The below post may help you.