In the Jobs list my robots are not being listed

Hello Community,

I uploaded a package from UIPath Studio, I created my machine correctly and configured it, then I created the environment and assigned it to the robot I created and finally I created the process assigned to the same environment. However when I try to start a Job the robot I created is not being listed. Yesterday I was testing the same way and the robot was appearing, as I’ve been testing I’ve had to delete machine, robots, processes many times. Does anyone know why is this happening?

This is the robot configuration (Same environment is assigned to the Robot and Process, and by the way, yesterday when creating a Robot if I select type Studio it was asking me for the password but right now it’s not happening):

Thanks for your help.

Restart you Robert and check

I restarted my robot already I even uninstalled UiPath, I’ve published a new version of my package I even used another computer to check but it’s the same


  • For Development purpose keep the Robot Type as ‘Studio’.
  • To verify the changes via Orchestrator - please change the Robot Type to ‘Unattended’ - robot will available in Start Job window.
  • Once you complete the verification - pls change type back to ‘Studio’ for development purpose.
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You are right! It worked. Thank you very much

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