UiPath API 409 conflict The specified robot(s) id(s) are invalid

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to start a job using API calls from Postman.
I followed the new cloud API, got the process release key and the Robot ID, but when i start the job, it gives me an error 409 conflict, stating “The specified robot(s) id(s) are invalid.”.

when i check the robot status {get: “https://platform.uipath.com/odata/Robots”}, i find that i inserted the robot ID correctly. is there any solution for this?

May be the robot is being used by some other process @Ahmed_AbdelRahman

But I don’t think that will error out. If you have any other robot, can you try running the process of that robot and check if it is working :slight_smile:

hmm…while the robot is available, i can’t choose it to start the job in orchastrator. do you know why would that happen?

Can you please explain again @Ahmed_AbdelRahman. I don’t understand this.

Actually when the robot is running the another process, and when we try to run a process again, it will add the robot to the queue and will execute the process once the existing process completed

409 error states the conflicts. so I asked you to run in another robot or run after some time :slight_smile:

as you can see, the robot is available.

but when i try to run the process, it isn’t showing:

do you happen to know why something like that would happen? the robot is available and connected…

Have you assigned robot to a environment @Ahmed_AbdelRahman?

Post the entire screen of the robots page :slight_smile:

nevermind, it was indeed in a different environment, and when it was fixed, it worked!
Thanks for your help.

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