Cannot find Robots in Start Job

Robot is Available, but cannot find it in Start Job, cannot Start Job from OC.

Version: 2019.10.4 Community

Start job on OC just for Unattended robot. Please check type of robot.

@Loongwang - To execute the job via Orchestrator -> robot type should be as ‘Unattended’.
Please change the robot type as ‘Unattended’ and provide the user password in the password field --> update.
pls go back to Start Job window and check -->robot will be available in specific robots section.

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Hi @GBK @xuanhung,

Cannot create Unattended robot via OC.

With community version. Only provide 1 license. In your case, already have 1 machine using the license.
Please remove it first.

Hi @xuanhung,

I only have one robot with Studio in OC.

Please go to --> services section --> assign add count for unattended robot.

you can refer below link -

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Hi @GBK,

Thanks. It works.

Cheers @Loongwang -
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