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kindly note that i had got my Robot Master in uipath academy but it is not connect here my email is the same , is there any way to connect them , also i had my certificate and it is not connected also either here or academy

Hi @alialroomi

see the below post :


thx reda , i made a request for foundation but the others its tell me to wait till 23 hours !

Hi alialroomi, you could’ve made a direct request for the advanced training since any advance contributor must be by default considered to finish both Orchestrator and Foundation, anyway you can wait for 23 hours and this time apply directly to the advanced group, it is the one that will give you the master robot badge.

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yeah its my fault i thought that i need to make for each , :slight_smile: thanks again bro ,however is there any way to get a badge for Certification that i had from below link

None of my knowledge the badges are only available for trainings.
But there are two other types of badges which are Leader and MVP and these badges are only assigned by UiPath staff according to performance.

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many thanks for your support :slight_smile:

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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