How to earn Robot Master Badge in UiPath Forum?

Hi all,

I have done UiPath Foundation and UiPath Advanced Certification and acadamy course with the same email id which i use for forum but still i dontbhave any badge.

Please suggest .

@iVaibhav if you can help here


When did you finish the Certification Courses ?

Yes, i have finished both foundation and advanced courses.
but recently few modules got added in foundation whose are in pending but in advanced, i have completed and have certification as well

Hi @Abhinavpandey,

What Completion date does it show on your End ?

Generally The Robot Automatically runs every 24 Hours and adds Badges and into the group.

RPA Developer Advanced

@loginerror , Any advice on above ? @Abhinavpandey completed his Training with same E-Mail ID on 21-Dec-2020 , Updated on 11-Aug-2020

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Hi @Abhinavpandey

The new condition to join the UiPath Academy - Advanced group is this course:

See the topic here.


Thanks @loginerror

I have completed RPA Developer Foundation last spring but still no badge at all.

Thanks @loginerror

there are few new modules in foundation training.
earlier i completed the training but recently few modules got added

I will try to complete the same
ans see if this issue gets resolved after that

thanks @iVaibhav

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Hi @ptrobot

Please double check that you are using the same email on our Forum as you use on Academy. It needs to be matching.

Thanks @loginerror. I have checked that it’s the same e-mail address. I created my forum account after I have completed the course though. Maybe it confuses the badge bot when you are doing things in reverse order.

Thanks for confirming, we will check it. It might take a bit, but if there is a glitch, it will be fixed :slight_smile:

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Hi @ptrobot

It was a glitch, it is fixed now, thanks for reporting!
(hopefully it is the last one, it should be pretty well ironed by now :slight_smile: )

Thank you very much! It feels great to finally be my own (robot) master. :smiley:

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