Robot Master Badge Request

Hi Team,

I have completed “RPA Developer Advanced” certification. (Verification Code - SBT5XEG1KJV4Q297). Could you please update my badge into “Robot Master”.

Attached Certificate

RPA Developer Advanced v0 [Legacy] certificate.pdf (286.0 KB)

Thanks in Advance

Hi @Bala_Ashokan

Thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify - the Robot Master Forum badge is automated and depends on an Academy course and not on the certification. We do realize that the certification is higher in the rank than academy courses, but there is currently no manual process of assigning a badge based on your certification level.

See here for the requirement:

Having said all of that, we are continuously evaluating ways in which we could also bring the automated certification badge to the Forum.

Thanks for the info…

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Hi @loginerror,

I have already completed the Advance Academy course.
However my profile has not changed to Robot Master