How can I fix the error "There are no licenses on the server"

I’m trying to run a test in Studio community and I get this error afterwards, I thought I had allocated my license correctly but maybe not? I am not sure which license to apply to which robot or user


You need to create Robot of type Unattended here to run the process.

thank you, this is what i have for robots, but not sure about the next step


Did you configured Robot machine into Orchestrator ? If not then please connect that machine with Orchestrator to acquire the licence. Then you are good to run the process from Studio.

Thank you I followed that guide & managed to get it to work again. However when I open UiPath I notice this banner at the bottom that wasn’t there before I began messing with Orchestrator, is there a way to fix this? I can still work & create tests as normal


It’s showing this message because you used Unattended Robot here. Ignore this message and continue with your work.

If you don’t want to see this message then you can assign Studio licence instead of Unattended Bot licence if you have Studio licence available in Orchestrator.

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