Pending state stuck - Can't run processes with 2 different robot accounts sharing same NonProduction license

is very strange because for classic robot this worked…8 robots could share same license without me having to manually disconnect any of them…during the night we had multiple processes scheduled to run on same machine with different robots and everything worked fine, but if we want to migrate to modern folders this is not possible anymore

classic robots on same standard machine, all 8 robots can run processes on that machine one after each other:


modern robots on same machine (using machine template), only the green service username works and has 0 for robots:

How is modern folders a better thing when it comes to license consumptions? :confused: It seems that now I have to get a license for each user

This is how it was before, according to their documentation, but now for modern folder is not the case anymore:
For example, if on a machine with 5 Robots, you assign only 3 runtimes, it means only 3 licenses are consumed. If you execute 5 jobs or schedule all the Robots on that machine, the following occurs:

1. 3 jobs are executed on the first 3 licensed Robots;
2. the remaining 2 unlicensed Robots are placed in a pending state;
3. the first 3 Robots release their licenses;
4. the remaining 2 Robots are licensed and they execute the assigned jobs.

I am having the same issue as: Robot licensing error. There are not licenses available (No. 1915) and Unattended robot not releasing license