Robot hang up due to MS Excel dialog box " This workbook contains link.."

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Background: I am consolidating the “Cover page” sheets of different files. When the Bot opens the file with linked formulas, an MS excel dialog box appears then the bot hangs up in the “Body closed and Body Executing” and also there’s no error thrown. I tried fixing it by using the following sets of activities but none of them works (or the bot does not continue doing the activities):

  1. Element Exist (to catch the dialog box)

  2. If and click activities (to click don’t update if dialog box appears)

  3. On element appears and click activities (to catch the dialog box and click don’t update)

  4. Attach window and click image activities (to activate dialog box once it appears then click don’t update)

IF Sequence within a For Each activity

MS Excel dialog box

Portion of activities where the bot hangs up

Appreciate your help on this, thanks in advance.


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Kindly try once with WORKBOOK activities which has the similar activities like what we have in excel package
So search in activity panel as Workbook and under which we will be having READ RANGE and WRITE RANGE activity


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Here is the activity to update the excel link s.

Name Space :

Design Screen :

Sample (17.5 KB)

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Thanks @balupad14!

so is it possible to just add it before my Copy Cover Pages_Excel Application Scope?, just to suppress the update link dialog box?

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Thanks much @Palaniyappan, I will try that one…

Hi @balupad14

would just like to ask if edp is available in uipath packages? and if it is free?


thanks much:)

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thanks for sharing, but this doesn’t work, the bot still hangs up when the MS excel dialog box appears.

thanks for sharing, but still it doesn’t work. the issue still persist.

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Hi All, is there any who has another idea to suppress the MS excel dialog “this contains link…”?

thanks in advance.

Let’s do one thing
Once after using Excel application scope and a read range within it use a KILL PROCESS activity with ProcessName as “EXCEL”
So that even though this message if appears the application will get closed either


You can use this out side of excel application scope.

Thank you