Remove Excel linked formulas pop-up

Hey everyone!
I am pretty new to UiPath and I have a certain problem. Currently I have a robot which opens and closes some Excel files and sometimes I get a pop-up window (see first screenshot) which I always have to close manually. It says that my excel sheet has links to another workbook which may be insecure (I need them). I have the choice to update them or not and my robot stops at this point. I would like to click on one of them but it won’t work. I tried it by using the activate activity to bring that window on the front and then the click activity. The problem is that it doesn’t recognize the window for some reason. You can see the selctor on the second screenshot in the next reply.
Does anyone of you have an idea?
It would help me a lot :blush:

Kind regards

The second screenshot:

Can you show the rest of the properties for this click activity?

It’s better go for Vba script and disable the pop up during code execution in excel and enable the same once the work is done via same Vba code

SInce it didn’t work I deleted the activity and it appears rarely. Don’t the information are enough? :sweat_smile:

@Adityan Thanks for answering!
Unfortunately I’m not very fit in VBA and in my working place VBA shall not really be used in robots. Do you have another idea?