Problem with an alert

I’m having problems with an alert that says something abut the Excel links. I just want to omit it by clicking on the x.

The problem is the Excel aplication scope, because does not advance and stays waiting to the infinity.

I resolved a lot of alerts in Excel but this one is so extrange. Thank you in advance.

Hello @ShadowZ ,

usually excel scope will not through the exceptions. Could you please check whether the exceptions are due to any access or the possibility of modifying the excel settings.


Can you try to use Parallel activity as the following?


Excel process scope with DisplayAlert is False might help you.


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Hi @ShadowZ ,

Maybe this is related to the Mentioned Problem in the Below Post :

Tnkhs for the anwser but I don’t want to accept I want to omit it, but was nice to know that for future cases. :100::sparkling_heart:

Thanks for the answer.

  • First I tried with parallel activities but works only with other alerts.
  • But the I tried with display alerts = False and works nicely.
    My congrats.
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