Robot gets stuck on mail activity

I have some workflows which uses various mail activities, like read pop3 messages and send smtp mail message. The mail account is an office365 account. Sometimes the robot gets stuck on these activities. They do not fail or time out, but just hangs at the mail activity. When this happens I have to restart the server the robot is running on, and then it works just fine for a while. Does anyone know why this happens?

Hi @hLien

Usually how many mails are you processing at a give point? Just trying to figure out a cause… :thinking:

I have tried various number of mails, and it seems that this is not the cause, as it fails with only one mail.

@hLien I faced the same issue with SMTP mail message activity. It is executed perfectly from my local machine , but got struck for an endless time when i run from VM server machine. I replaced it with “Send outlook mail message” activity which served the purpose. If anyone facing same issue hope this may help :slight_smile:

I was facing the same issue. I resolved it by updating UiPath.Mail.activities package to latest version. you try it, it will solve the issue.

Did you attach any attachment to it??

I just ran into this situation from Studio. The Email activity was working fluidly until last week. And today, when I ran the same process in Studio, the Robot hung for over 10 minutes at the Send Email step with no response.

I first removed the Mail activities package and put it back.
And then I decided to shut down and restart Studio followed by a restart of the UiPath Assistant.

And I noticed that my Studio version changed (the last one I remembered was 2020.4.x.)


That said I don’t know if the actual reason is removing and adding the Mail activities package or the Studio upgrade. But these steps resolved the issue.