Robot execution freezes with SAP client


I have noticed every now and then that UiPath robot (1.7 version at least) stops execution with SAP client. E.g. at last night SAP client throw connection error dialog to screen and UiPath robot totally stopped execution until I manually went and pressed OK for that connection error dialog. After that, robot was happy and continued execution. But during that dialog there was no errors from any selector etc. I assume that some timeout should be thrown exception already during that time?


It also happened to me before. Would like to hear some information.

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This is a known issue and the fix is to set the “WaitForReady” option to “None” on the activity that you would except to throw a timeout exception eg:

This way you can have activities to check if the connection error dialogue is present and handle it appropriately.

But I would assume that if I have there e.g. option Completed, it would throw exception after Timeout value if it does not found required selector. But now it does not throw that exception when some error dialog comes to screen. I want that exception is thrown and execution is ended instead of waiting forever.

has anyone found a solution for this? confused as well as to why the timeout did not kick in and threw an exception.

Exactly the same problem here. I have raised a case with UiPath support, but for now just getting elementary suggestions.
Last request was to enable debugging and wait for it to happen again.
I don’t think it will happen again soon, so maybe I will cancel the case.
My wild guess is that at the time of the popup the robot had started executing e.g. Type Into activity. It has requested from the SAP application the UI elements and waiting for SAP to reply with the UI element tree. SAP does not reply, so the robot keeps waiting.
I am guessing that

  • if the application is responding and the selector is not found, then the robot will throw “SelectorNotFound” exception
  • if the application is responding, but cannot load all the UI elements tree and the Wait for Ready is set to Interactive or Complete, then the robot will throw “Timeout” exception.

So I am assuming that UiPath should add Timeout for application unresponsive.

The same behavior has happened to me on SAP and Excel application scope activities.

Good luck to all! I hope UiPath developers pay attention to this and find a solution soon.


Has anyone find a solution? I faced similar issue where Uipath robot did not throw any exception when SAP becomes unresponsive and wait till I manually hit the close button to close SAP when it shows auto logout message due to timeout.

what about this approach?

outdated answer back in 2020 UiPath Marketplace | Error the

new solution is a part of our product, check it here UiPath Community 2022.4 Stable Release - UIAutomation, Computer Vision & SAP Automation


Hi @LevKushnir
Thank you very much for the solution!! I am able to resolve the issue.

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