Uipath was not throwing any exception even though timeout exceeded

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@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando
In my process certain stage SAP application was hanging, but in uipath it is not throwing any exception even though timeout exceeded.

Any one have idea , why UiPath is not throwing any exception even though timeout exceed.

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  • Is process surrounded by Try/Catch block?
  • in SAP app related workflow → pls check any while loop to check element exists/ onelementappear with loop true or a generic while loop actions exists?
  • pls recheck the job logs in Orchestrator (ifjob run via orchestrator).
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Thank you for the quick response.

Process was handled properly with try catch block. Inside try catch block, each activity we are keeping inside retry scope activity to ensure the specific activity executed or not.

as soon as clicking execute button in sap to generate sap report, sap was showing continuous loading state.

after click execute button, there was get text activity to check SAP message, robot/courser was not coming out of get text activity .

Note - for each activity we have given Timeout As 5 seconds.

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@loginerror @badita

I am facing above issue as well.
could you please let me know your thoughts .

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Naveen Chaganti

How long does an item take to be processed? Can you add a 5 mins delay between GetTransactionItem and SetTransactionStatus and check what happens. Do you set the status to failed on catch?

Also you can log verbose in order to check the activities that are executed.

Please note that stop is different than kill.

Hi @badita

Thank you for your response.

Some process will take each transaction 5 minutes and some process will take 1 hour as well.

If I try to stop the process, it will try to complete current transaction then robot will stop the execution

If I use kill the process robot will stop immediately

Yes,we have added few logs robot was not throwing any exceptions even though timeout exceeded as well

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Correct. If you’re using “ShouldStop” Activity.

Very strange indeed. Please try to log as verbose for a test and check also the transaction history tab.

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Hi @badita

This issue related to exception was not throwing by uipath

Added few logs to debug before and after each activity, but due to sap application is showing continues loading state, Uipath was not throwing any exception even though timeout exceeded for specific activity

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@ovi @Pablito @loginerror

Could you please provide your thoughts on this issue

Hi @Naveen.Ch,
At this stage it’s hard to figure out what’s going on without seeing the project. Based on what I see at the moment I think you have somewhere infinite loop in the process. What about debugging? Have you tried to do step-by-step and check where it stops?


Hi @Pablito

Thank you for your response.

We have executed step by step in debug as well .
we are not sure, if sap showing contentious loading state, why UiPath is not throwing any exception even though timeout exceed

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Please check if in particular activities you don’t have ContinueOnError or WaitForReady attribute set.

I think I am facing the same problem.
A click activity, The time out is 30seconds.
sap showing contentious loading state
And It wouldn’t throw the timeout exception, maybe the real-time over few hours.
I write line between activities, I confirm that the bot running this click activity.
Now I am testing set up the timeout with the Invoke workflow.
Have you got the solution?
Best Regards!

Love it when a specific question was asked and everyone is just telling you to try things you have already done either way before posting on forum…

Answer: As far as I know, and have seen from other posts on forum, there is an issue with “Click” activity and property “Simulate Click” (This wasn’t specified in question so am not sure how relevant it is). This happened to me as well. For example, if there is a popup that is generated after click activity, for whatever reason “Click” is waiting for that popup to close, ignoring any and all wait times. In my case, there was a workaround of using shortcut keys.


Thanks a lot! I had the same issue it was not SAP related, but behaviour was the same after simulate mouse click nothing happens and no error thrown, basically process is stuck. Sometimes simulate click freezes process and robot cannot continue. Bizzare error but thanks for the sollution

hi @donghai @DominicX

We have faced the issue but not received any solution from UiPath team

RCA- As soon as UiPath try to click or do some action in any application, UiPath will wait for the application response, if UiPath not receives any response then UiPath will be in hanging state in that case activity timeout also will not work out

So we have have made the solution like below to overcome that hanging issue

Consider your certain workflow will take 5 minutes of time to execute end to end then we have given extra buffer time as a 2 minutes

Means we have given 7 minutes as a timeout for Invoke workflow activity so if the cursor is not coming out within 7 minutes then invoke workflow will throw forcefully an system exception and will continue with remining transaction in the queue and will retry same failed 3 times

Hi @Naveen.Ch
Thanks for your reply and your solution.
I have try this solution that use click activity replace Click Toolbar Button activity.
And the issue not happened.
I have asked SAP Experts, they think maybe Click Toolbar Button activity do some other behaviors, just guess.

You can also consider checking event viewer for logs, sometimes UiPath.exe will throw error and there will be a description. please check and confirm.

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