Robot does not exist - how to solve


I am just following the education path and I got the error that “Robot does not exist” and no more info.

Could you please help to solve it.

search in the start menu “UiPath ROBOT”.

If it does not appear then reinstall the uipath .msi setup

Thank you for reply!

But there is no uipath.msi setup on my desktop…
sorry for that ;(
What else can I do?

check the bot in the services and check whether it is stopped or running if stopped then start it.

Just connect to the UiPath Assistant.

Robot does not exist … such a frustrating error … however, I think I understand why it happens and perhaps how to fix.

I think this is the problem … shown in the screen grab

This happened with me when I was :

  • in studio, I was connected to orchastrator
  • there was a red light within studio (bottom right)
  • when i ran a file i got the error robot does not exist
    You are kinda connected but Studio can’t see a robot … worst of all worlds !!!

I ran Uipath assistant
(Uipath Assistant is separate program (it is not ‘robot’ and it is not ‘studio’) .
In Uipath assistant, I signed out

Magically i got the beautiful green light

In summary … I think the Robot Does Not Exist error happens when Studio seems to think you are connected to Orchestrator … but for some reason it can’t find a robot. I solved my problem by signing out from within UiPath Assistant

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… MORE THOUGHTS ON Robot Does Not Exist
There is a bug whereby Assistant and Robot/Orchestrator Settings seem to contradict each other.

  • If you ‘Sign In’ to Orchestrator with Assistant and fail
  • if you connect successfully with Robot/Orchestrator Settings
  • you get Robot Does Not Exist error both in Studio and Assistant

It seems as if the error persists within Assistant.
It seems as if the error should be written over once there has been a successful connection through Robot/Orchestrator Settings … yes ?

The only way I could solve this problem was by Signing Out from within Assistant.
( please note Disconnecting from with Assistant did not clear the error … I had to Sign Out from within Assistant )

Incredibly frustrating … I spent days working this out. Hope this helps.


(Posting it here as this might help someone)
My Robot is available in orchestrator but is said ‘Connected, Unlicensed’ and my studio had the error when I executed the flow saying ‘Robot doesn’t exist’

  1. The Machine Name in orchestrator dint match with the machine name in UiPath assitant
  2. Updated the below settings in my Orchestrator

and then when i refreshed the connection in studio. It got connected.

Even i signed out from Assistant it not connecting …
Mow showing error “Use interactive login”

Thank you…

Resolved most irritating error , by disable both the options in Tenant->Settings->Security

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well done !

Please, also check the information like the username and the domain name that you provided in the Orchestrator and be sure that they have exact match with the machine.

Just so everyone can be spared the hours I put into searching forums and Clicking around aimlessly.

the Key to simply using a bot is simple just send the invitation and download the installer.

that is it… Wow I took way to long to get that