Robot can't download library from Orchestrator

I plan to transfor certain shared workflows into custom activities.
Therefore I created custom library and uploaded it into Automation Ops

I can see the uploaded library in Packages list

I am confused it is not in Libraries list.

Then I deployed a process using this custom library but the process fails with following error

The feed ‘UiPath [UiPath]’ lists package ‘****.’ but multiple attempts to download the nupkg have failed. The feed is either invalid or required packages were removed while the current operation was in progress…

What I am doing wrong?


If it’s in Packages instead of Libraries then you created it as a Process not a Library. This is the first step when creating the new project in Studio, selecting whether it’s a Process or Library.

I am not so naive to make such mistake :slight_smile: It is realy a library

Your screenshot shows it as a Package, not a Library.

Don’t trust the tags. Look at the project.json file - what is the outputType?

"outputType": "Library",

I was hoping to add it into Libraries list but Upload button is missing there

It is on the Packages page

Now I changed Settings > Deployment from “Only host feed” to “Only tenant feed” and now I can see the Upload button. I retried to upload the library with these settings and now everything works well including the process is running :+1:


After this change there appeared a new Libraries feed in Automation Ops

@loginerror : This behaviour is very strange and is not documented (or I did not find it).

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