Revampled Level 1 training Lesson 10 PDF - Can't select individual elements from sample PDF files


Hi just going through the revamped level 1 training Lesson 10 which is to do with extracting data from PDF files and am having a lot of difficulty generating the same results as I can’t select individual elements from the PDF’s. When I try the PDF file text gets highlighted as a block bigger than the single element Grand Total I’m getting Credit and Grand Total and both their values in one box rather than just the Grand Total label.
Here is the model answer given

PDF Examples.xaml (34.1 KB)

And here are the sample PDFs

Sample Invoice A.pdf (381.2 KB)
Sample Invoice B.pdf (365.4 KB)

At the start of the course you are told to adjust some preferences in Acrobat reader (use reading order in raw print stream) , which I did so I don’t think it’s that.

The problematic workflows are Get Text , Anchor Base

I’m using





I have exactly the same problem using UiPath Studio 2018.2.3, Acrobat Reader DC 18.01.20055.27899 and the “Perfect Match.pdf” published by UiPath Academy.

The UiPath-Function shown in the tutorial-video seems to be broken, buggy or simply not compatible with current Acrobat Reader DC 18.01

I contacted UiPath Acadamy Support about this issue … waiting for response.


Thanks @B.Fehlau I know it was a while ago when I posted this but I didn’t get this resolved. Hopefully you will get a response. Good luck. Please post any solutions you get. All the best.