Unable to select Individual components in PDF

Hi Guys,
Tried to read individual elements inside pdf document with different settings. Unable to select/extract individual components in the PDF. I can select entire PDF only.
Here are the versions i am using : Uipath studio : 2021.4.4
PDf version : Adobe acrobat reader DC 21.005
please assist. Thank you.

Hi @muthinavenu

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can you maybe show a screenshot of the part where it throws the error or where it does not output what it should?

HI @muthinavenu ,

Steps to read pdf files.

1 - Through CV activities.
2 - From read pdf activity (If pdf is in image format use Read pdf with OCR activity)
3 - From Document Understanding model.

You can choose any of the way mentioned above.

Hi …there is no error. Using anchor base to read particular value from pdf. But unable to select individual element. It selects entire pdf page.

I suggest better to use CV or regex to get values from pdf.

Hi @muthinavenu,

Looks like pdf you are trying to use contains both images as well as text. Could you confirm if it is native pdf or scanned pdf.

If it is scanned one or contain images, you would require to use ‘Read pdf with OCR’ activity.

Alternatively, as @ermanoj3101 suggested, you can use DU framework for this task.


Thank you. Will try with DU framework .

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