Scraping an element from the PDF file

Hi Guys, could you please help me? I have some pdf files that are accounts with the same layout. However, the values are different and I would like to get them, but I can not because UiPath can not read the data individually. I am using Acrobat Reader DC. Anyway, when I try to use Get Text it does not work.

Can you share a sample PDF ? How about using OCR ?

Use Read PDF Text and then perform String Manipulation to get the desired text.


Hi, @PrankurJoshi, could you please give an example? I already tried and I could not make it dynamic.

Hello follow the example of lesson 10 level 1. My example is the same as this lesson, the same idea, but it does not work…Sample Invoice A.pdf (381,2 KB)
Sample Invoice B.pdf (365,4 KB)
PDF Examples.xaml (34,1 KB)