Not able to read some pdf data properly

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to fetch some details from pdf. Its a sample bank statement and tried multiple ways to solve same issue. I am not even able to find anchor base elements too.
Please help as I already have wasted a lot of time and efforts on (261.9 KB)

Are you aware about “Regex”? If yes try to explore to meet your need, else go through uipath academy forum.

Hi @pankaj.d.pawar

Have you tried read pdf activity…thanks

@Bala_Ashokan thanks for the suggestion, I tried regex to for same sample pdf document too. But it’s still not working. Maybe the issue is in my PDF reader version so was seeking help for same.

Are you using Acrobat Reader?

@prasath_S thanks for the suggestion, yes I tried it but no success.

@Bala_Ashokan I am using Adode Acrobat Reader DC version 2021.001.20149