Reusable component - share solution inside company


I just wonder what are the options for making some reusable components? Lets say I’ve created logging-in component. Then i can paste it to new robot which is using the same application and simply invoke it. Other option is to make library and publish it to the orchestrator. After that i can add package to the robot, put required parameters (as I would connect arguments in invoke workflow) and use it this way.

In both case’s if I want to change sth in this package (workflow/library) i need to edit every robot:
making changes in invoked workflow or
update package by publishing it to Orchestrator and then update package in every robot.

Both solutions require updating every robot which is using this reusable component. So is there any way to create worklfow/activity, which could be updated for.ex. in Orchestrator, but without updating every robot which use it?

In addition - update of the component should be supervised, so only person with permission can update package on Orchestrator.


The reusable components to be tested and validated before we start using it in all robots, this way we can avoid to update all the robots.

If it requires update depends on a new process, then make it as a new version. No need to update the old robots for the same.

We are using modules, which were tested multiple times. We also use more advanced framework to start building new robot faster. But if there is some change in the application, that require update then it need to update all robots (old one, already working).

This question also applies to other possible components used inside company as like searching in application, which are in many cases the same.

So for this question I’d like to create more flexible in manage components, which could be updated in one place and shared beetwen robots without need to update them.