Component Library using Orchestrator PROD/DEV issue

Hi All,

I’m hoping to set up a reusable component library.

At the moment developers are allowed easy access to DEV environment but limited access to PROD via security screening.

We have started building a library in DEV and published it to DEV orchestrator (the dev robots are connected to DEV orchestrator and the production robots to PROD orchestrator on different orchestrator servers). In DEV we can add the published library as a package to studio and then use the library components in studio on the DEV machine to build a project.

When we then want to run that project code in PROD we have to go to the production machine and publish the code from there to PROD orchestrator but this doesn’t work because the PROD robot is not connected to DEV orchestrator where the component library is. OK so we can then publish the library from the PROD robot machine to Orchestrator so now the prod robot has access to a PROD library via PROD Orchestrator but only after we go to packages in studio and remove the DEV library and replace it with the PROD library however the reusable components in the code still don’t work as they were pointing to the DEV library package so now we have to look through the code for where any DEV reusable components were and replace them with PROD components (the components don’t show as named as they can’t connect to their package so are just red boxes with some generic message in)

This whole process of using a library between (DEV and PROD) is a nightmare for something that is supposed to simplify the development process.

Am I using the libraries incorrectly or is there a better way to do this please.


If you want to migrate the libraries from dev to prod or any process as well you need not reupload using the prod studio…you can always download the packages from dev and upload as nugpkg to prod orchestrator which will solve your issue


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Thanks Anil. I’ll give that a try and see how it goes.

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Thanks Anil, that worked perfectly

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