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Hi…I’m trying to automate an Website. So I have created an library package and used it in a new process…after this library component i have to click on a element in the same browser…but I’m unable to give click after this component directly…can anyone help me?

I’m new to UIpath , so not familiar with ui and it’s functions… so please explain in simple words and if u can provide some pic too…TIA

Hi @Mohamed_Haseeb,

If I understand correctly you want to perform some actions within a browser?
In that case you won’t need a custom library, just use the default activities in your project:

Then you can use the “Use Application/Browser” activity, in this activity you can perform several actions, quick example:

Hope this helps!

My client needs to automate their platform and they have choose Uipath for that…that’s why I’m asking …I have a lot of scenarios to check ,for reach time i have to go through the same steps … that’s why i thought creating a library package and use it would be more easy and professional.

Hi @Mohamed_Haseeb,

You could also create a workflow file with these same steps, and re use this workflow for all of your projects.

2022-11-10 15_57_41-Clipboard

Invoke Workflow File (

Does this work for you?

Kind regards,

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Let me check and will let you know

Would i be able to continue in same browser ( like click , input) after this invoking…also want to know how many times I can invoke wf in a process

You can continue, but the clicks for example always need to be in an “Use Application/Browser” activity, just copy the “Use Application/Browser” activity and perform the new clicks etc.

You can invoke as many workflows as you like.

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